Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grace...give me some of that!

This day began preparing to move again...not much different than the last time six weeks ago? Not exactly.  Somehow, today was different and my character didn't seem to get it all done, not to mention, well... that argument with my amazing husband.  I had begun to think I could really do this! Moving 8 times since last April...missions, serving God... such an adventure...just ask my kids!  What I was not prepared for was two tear filled breakdowns with my beautiful green-eyed, freckled face seven year old, saying..."why does God make us wait until the last minute to find a house"?

Until this conversation stopper, I misguidedly thought I had it all together!  Truth is: I am a mom trying to create the most positive transition imaginable when in reality it looks nothing like how I'd pictured it, perfect attitudes, demeanor and ohhhh the cleaning and!  Real story: We sold, gave away or lost almost everything we owned last April as we began the journey into missions as a family. Besides the few boxes and a bed back in our hometown, we have about 2 bags each that move with us, lets just say...we don't all have the same packing, cleaning and of course transition styles!  What we are doing is definitely not the "norm" and most people see the traveling, comment on locations and fun but do not see the sacrifice it takes to live such a simple life of hearing and obeying God's voice.

What I do know is:  His Grace is sufficient for me and his power is made perfect in my weakness. I understand the God I desire and choose to serve, has such a love for me! This love enables me to receive a peace and grace during difficult transitions and trials of life. What about you? Do you need grace, desire to be free of anxiety and disappointment?  The choice is simple but not always easy.  God has a plan for your life and if you are a mom he has designed your child(ren) with unique and amazing gifting, qualities and purpose!

This Blog is created to share insights and practical ways to train up your children the way they were created!  To encourage, support and guide you in times of joy, trial and laughter.  I am praying for a greater measure of grace to be given to moms...after all we are preparing the upcoming generations, and that is no small task.

Overflowing with hope,


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